線上學習 / Speak Right Read Right Level 3

Speak Right Read Right - Level 3 
Card 1akebakecakefakelakemakequakerakesaketakewakeWe go to the lake, so we can bake, the very best cake, that we can make,
  achebreak        it is the best cake that I can make!
Card 2alebaleDalegalemalepalesaletale whale There is a tale, of a man called Dale, who got a whale, that was on sale,
            the whale was male, and it ate a bale, then it turned balck and pale, like a killer whale.
Card 3amecamedamegamelamenamesametame   If your name, and my name, would we find fame? Or would we be lame?
            We could play the same name game. First find a dame, you say your name, I say the same, then ask the dame, to guess our names, is that lame?
Card 4avecaveDavegavepaveraesavewave have They all wave, at our mate Dave, he must be brave, to be in that cave,
            but who would save, our friend Dave, if the cave caved in?
Card 5aybaydayhayjaymaypayRaysay way Down by the bay, on a sunny day, I saw a jay, eating hay, 
            and ray will say: "Hey jay, go away? Or I'll make you pay, for the hay."
Card 6ailbailfailhailjailmailnailpailquailsailtailAs I picked up the mail, I saw a quail, with a long tail, 
            put his head in a pail, and try to eat a nail, by the gate to the jail.
Card 7anecaneJanelanesanevaneinsane    My leg is in pain, and just look at the rain, but still I miss Jane,
 aingainmainpainrain      so I take a cane, and walk to her lane, I must be insane!
Card 8atedatefategatehatelateKatemateNaterate Tonight Nate has a date, with the finest Kate. But now he has to wait, just by her gate.
 aitbaitwait        Nate does hate to wait for late Kate.
Card 9adefadejademadeWade      Our ugly maid, did not get paid, after she hit poor Wade,
 aidaidlaidmaidpaidraid     and stole the jade, that daddy made.
Card 10acefaceraceace       Ants can race, across your face, and into a vase,
 asebasecasevasetastewaste     on top of the bookcase, the ant race across your face is so ace!
Card 11eapeaseatea        
 eebeeLeepeeseeteetree knee  My old friend Lee, had too much tea, so he had to pee, behind the tree, under the bees.
Card 12eadbeadleadread deadheadbread   Here I read, that if you feed, a bird a seed, from a weed,
 eeddeedfeedneedreedseedweed    it drops dead, so give it bread, and some reeds, that's all it needs.
Card 13eakbeakleakpeakweak break    Steve is a geek, he is very weak, he doesn't like leeks,
 eekgeekleekmeekseekweek     and can sleep for two weeks, in a room that leaks.
Card 14ealdealhealmealpealsealvealzeal   My pet seal, eats meal after meal, of very good veal, then he gets behind the wheel,
 eelfeelheelpeel kneelwheel    and drives with great zeal, I can't help but fee, was a very good deal.
Card 15eatbeatheatmeatneatseat Wheat   To put old meat, on your seat, is not very neat, and why do you use your feet,
 eetbeetfeetmeet       when you eat the purple beet? To eat beet with your feet on your seat is not neat!
Card 16eapleapheapreap       I don't want to hear a peep, and you must not weep.
 eepbeepdeepjeeppeepweepkeep    If you let me sleep, you can drive my jeep. This promise I will keep.
Card 17eanbeanDeanjeanleanmean     I do not like that queen, for she is so mean, the worst I've seen yet only a teen, she ate all my beans.
 eenbeenqueenkeenseenteen     If a queen eats a teen's beans she must be mean!
Card 18eykeydonkeymonkeyhoneymoney     Who has my key? Is it the donkey? Or is it the monkey?
 yhappylazypuppy rainysunnywindy    I'll give you some money, if you tell me, my honey!
Card 19iedieliepietie      If you saw a pie, way up in the sky, would that make you cry, or would your eyes be dry?
 yflyskyspycrydrytrywhy   Oh, try not to cry for the pie in the sky!
Card 20idebideguidehideridesidetidewide   If you need a free ride, then you can hide, for back inside, a train so wide, but hide on the side, where the guide doesn't ride.
Card 21ifeliferifewife knife     Here comes my wife, and she has a great knife, me and Mile, must get a\on our bike, I must save my life,
 ikebikehikelikeMike      my wife has a great knife!
Card 22ilebilefilemileNilepiletilevilewhile StyleI'll walk for a mile, right by the Nile, or fly way high, up in the sky.
            To fly for a mile, has way more style.
Card 23imedimelimemimetime      I wanted to dine, with a girl so divine, but we had to stand in line, for a very long tome,
 inedinefinemineninevinewine    till it was nine, and they had no more wine, they wasted our time!
Card 24ipepiperipewipe       Did that dog bite, my very best kite?
 itebitekitequitesite white     I hate the sight, of his teeth so white, do not bite my best kite!
Card 25iredirefirehiremiresiretirewire   I use my pliers, to cut the wires, away from my tires, and race away from the fires, so pliers can cut wires from tires near fires.
Card 26ivedivefivehivejivealivelives wivesarrive knivesWe had to dive, to stay alive, after we saw five, killer bees from the hive, 
  livegive        So jump and jive to stay alive, the killer bees have left the hive!
Card 27ighhighsighthigh       Oh what a sight, to look at him fight, all of the night, with all his might,
 ightflightlightmightnightsightrighttight heightnightuntil first light, like a true knight.
Card 28odebodecodemodenoderode     I'll tell you a joke, I gave him a poke, and when he woke, I sprayed him with coke,so the joke was the coke, when he woke from the poke.
Card 29omedomehomeRome combdomegnome   The ugly old gnome, had to go home, way back to Rome, to get his own comb,
 oamfoamroam  somecome    so there is a comb in Rome. At the home of a gnome.
Card 30opecopedopehopepoperopeslope    The rocks feel like soap, so I need a rope, to have any hope,
 oapsoap         to clim down the slope, so you need a rope to have any hope, On a slope of soap.
Card 31osedosehosenoseposeroseprose    I remember I wrote, a little note, on a red rose, and put it in my nose,
 otequotenotevote       using my toes, so note and rose from toes to nose, is how this story goes.
Card 32oanJoanloanmoan       Could you ask Joan, to borrow her phone?
 oneboneconetonezonealone  phone  Mine has no tone, inside this zone, and do not moan, you're not alone, we all waked our feet, down to the bone.
Card 33oadloadroadtoad       Do you like the goat or the toad?
 oatboatcoatgoatmoat      The toad is in my nose, the goat has a coat, the toad has fifty toes.
Card 34owbowlowrowsowtowsnow know  I just don't know, how I can sow, in a straight row,
 ownownsown     known  when I only see snow, you can't sow a straight row, in the snow don't you know?
Card 35ubecubetube        Hey there dude.
 udedudenuderude       I don't mean to be rude, but why are you nude?
Card 36ukedukeLukepuke       Do you think it's cute? Answer! Or are you mute?
 uneduneJunetune       One day Duke Luke, used his flute, to play a sweet tune, on top of a dune, in the month of June,so there was a tune on a dune, in June from the flute of Duke Luke.
Card 37ewdewfewnewblewflewdrew knew  I think it is true, when you eat the glue, your poo becomes blue, how about you?
 uecuedueblueglueTRUE     Does eating glue make your poo blue? Just kidding. Please don't eat glue!
Card 38 Compound Words 1          
  backpack sandbox hotpot  sunglasses  
  goldfish silkworm dustpan  pigpen   
  armpit softball kickoff  kitbag   
  milkmanlaptop windsock compact disc  
  passport tenpin trashcan  suntan